Alpine Sausage and Deli

Thanks to a tip from my sister-in-law, Kelsey, I found Alpine Sausage and Deli. It’s a small family owned and operated store in the Richmond Plaza that sells European goodies, cheeses, cold cuts and meats.


I always buy a 15 pack of Hutterite eggs and bacon. The double smoked side bacon is lean and not heavily salted. I like the fact that when I cook the bacon, only a little of oil emerges from the it.

The main reason you should check out Alpine Sausage and Deli is the propertier, Brett Norman. He butchers and cures meats as well as makes his own sausages. My favourite items are the chicken and pork chorizo sausages. It’s incredibly juicy, flavourful and spicy sausage. An employee told me the flavour comes from their process and approach to sausage making. In the case of the chicken chorizo, they break down a whole Hutterite chicken, and use only meat and spices rather than water, which means it won’t shrink when you cook it.

Recently, we tried the fresh pork breakfast sausages. I like that the sausages were lean and firm and didn’t taste anything like those nasty McDonald’s breakfast sausages. Similar to the chorizo, the pork sausages didn’t shrink in my frying pan.


Alphine Sausage also makes sandwiches. The sandwiches are simple and wholesome, with thin layers of iceberg lettuce, your choice of deli meat, tomato, and cheese. Next time I visit, I plan to try their 28 day dry aged beef, pork baby back ribs, and ground pork.

Alpine Sausage on Urbanspoon


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