Cassis Bistro – Birthday Dinner

It was my friend Michelle’s birthday. I was originally planning on taking her to my go to restaurant, Downtownfood. However, my last conversation with Peaches really got to me. After learning that I go to Sushi Club every chance I can get, she 斥责 me for not trying new restaurants.


Peaches has a point. I do rarely venture out to new restaurants. I decided to compromise and revisit Cassis Bistro. I’ve only been to Cassis for brunch, and I really wanted to try the charcuterie platter ($19.00), and the steak and frites ($32.00). Since Michelle is pregnant, she stuck to water (vivreau $1.00) and cassis syrup with sparkling water ($2.00). I started off with a glass of Montrose Rose ($8.00).

For an appetizer, we ordered the Merguez ($5.00). The lamb sausage was served piping hot. Since it was so juicy and fresh off the grill, I burnt my tongue eating the first couple of slices. The sausage was well worth the pain. It was such a simple dish, but oh so good with a smear of mustard and a slice of a baguette. I really liked the high quality olive oil drizzled on the soft bread.

The picture above doesn’t do the food justice. Sometimes I wonder if chefs get insulted when they see my poorly shot photos of their food. I assure you that the food is always better looking in person than through my camera phone.

Shepard's Pie

Michelle ordered the Shephard’s Pie ($27.00) with a side salad. The pie was filled with a mixture of duck, pork and beef and topped with a thin layer of whipped potatoes. Despite the mixture of meats, they each retained its individual texture and taste. I loved the flavours of this dish – it was incredibly intense and rich tasting. The salad has just the right amount of dressing, garnished with delicate bits of tomatoes and onions.


I ordered Mussels & Frites ($24.00). Each shell in the bowl was open and each mussel was plump and sweet. The mussels were fresh but it was the way it was cooked that blew me away. The texture was spot on – soft and not chewy, tasting a tiny bit of the sea. I like the threads of an herb entangled with the shells and broth. Our server paired the mussels with a house white wine ($7.00), which I enjoyed very much. The fries were very thin but not brittle, and nicely salted.

creme brulee

For dessert, Michelle ordered Creme Brulee ($8.00). The top layer of sugar broke easily with my spoon. The custard was thick, creamy, and covered in vanilla flecks. Yum – next time I’ll order my own dessert. Peaches be damned – I can’t wait to go back to Cassis to try the steak and charcuterie. I’ll just have to figure out a way to get her voice out of my head.

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10 thoughts on “Cassis Bistro – Birthday Dinner

  1. I am *not* that bossy! But it’s true – you need to explore a lot more new restaurants! And once you have your Alberta license and car2go account finalized you have no excuses!! /斥責

  2. I didn’t say you were bossy, I said you reprimanded me for not trying new restaurants 🙂 Maybe the translation got messed up. And I said you had a point as I don’t like trying new restaurants.

    1. Reprimand sounds even bossier! Lol. I’m just trying to encourage you to try more places! I love Sushi Club, but since I know they’re always good they are my safe choice to fall back on. With that knowledge I know I can try other places and compare, or maybe discover other good places! On days where I only want good food, I will go there.

      1. I don’t think it is being bossy – I think it means that you are gently encouraging me to venture out of my usual places. I agree with you that I should try more places. Bot oh god – I ate at that shawarma place next to Niko’s Bistro instead of Sushi Club and I was so mad that I wasted the calories on that stuff instead of Sushi Club. Dislike! Dislike!

      2. Shawarma’s are so not on my list… nope. I will eat it, but I not purposely go seek it. I was thinking you were going to try a different sushi place or something!

  3. I love a good shawarma. And I was starving after my hair appointment. I was thinking of giving Tenshi another try, but I really disliked my last meal there. The rice was hard and the fish didn’t taste fresh. Want to go with me?

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