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Bite Groceteria: Fresh Line-Caught Fish

As a vegetarian, yoga practising, snow fearing Vancouverite, Jaime is having a hard time adjusting to Calgary. I gave her a few tips to help her with the transition. 1. Try to budget a tropical vacation in the winter. 2. If you can, buy a house, don’t rent. 3. Don’t fight, just succumb to Alberta’s love for steak, beginning with Trails End Beef. Similar to Cassandra, the daughter of King Priam and Queen Hecuba of Troy, I doubt she will listen to me. Time will prove that I am right, but as Greek mythology predicts, too late for Jaime’s own good.

Jaime wanted to explore more of Calgary with me, and I wanted to support businesses effected by the flood, so off we were to Inglewood. We stopped by Bite Grocerteria. I was surprised by the reasonable priced deli and groceries. I found many items were the same or cheaper than my local Coop. There were some expensive items, but it wasn’t because Bite Groceteria was inflating the prices. Rather, it is pricey because that’s what some premium imported items cost, regardless of where you buy it. I bought pasta, canned tomatoes, and cheese at less than what I’d pay at the Safeway.

Sushi and Nigiri Set
Freshly made sushi

Jaime and I were hungry, so we picked up lunch at Bite. She bought an organic kale and broccoli salad ($3.00) and a vegetarian sandwich with provolone cheese ($6.00). We both commented the prices were cheaper than our go to grocery store in Vancouver, Whole Foods. An employee offered to make Jaime her own personalized sandwich because there was no vegetarian options in the display. Jaime’s sandwich was so big, she took half of it home.


I picked up a nigiri and maki set ($13.50). I found out from an employee, Kim, that the sushi is made throughout the day and all the seafood is line caught. Kim said there are two in-house sushi chefs at Bite, both of whom do amazing things in the kitchen. I would love to learn more about what Bite’s sushi chefs background and their creations, but perhaps I can leave that for another post.

The presentation of my take-out sushi lunch set was pretty. The sushi was decorated with an edible pansy and carved cucumber. I counted a total of 14 pieces: six pieces of nigiri, four pieces of California roll and four pieces of crab, salmon and cream cheese roll. I enjoyed the nigiri and the sushi rice the most of the selection. The rice was fragrant with vinegar and well-flavoured with sugar. Each grain was separate and just sticky enough so that it held together when I lifted a piece into my mouth. The ebi, the ahi tuna and albacore tuna were fresh tasting, they were easily my favourite pieces of the bunch. The sweet egg was juicy, spongy and sweet. Other types of nigiri in my set include salmon and a tofu pocket. The maki rolls were fine, but like any sushi that’s been sitting around for an hour or so, its not as good when its just been made for you. For $13.50, I was stuffed and happy with the selection of sushi, particularly the raw fish.

After lunch, Jaime and I went to Spice Roads to load up on spices. I wanted to check out Spolumbo’s Fine Foods & Deli but it was closed for the day. We walked over to Espy to shop for Stampede attire. I was delighted to be treated to the espy experience by Christelle Strauss, a stylist, designer, and floor manager. She took my measurements, picked out a lot of clothes, and found me the perfect outfit. For the fashion impaired, like myself, it pays to visit Christelle. Jaime and I will be returning and often, to Inglewood.

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