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Lindt Factory Outlet – Chocolate Heaven

lindt heaven
I’m on a mission to frequent as many businesses in neighbourhoods affected by the flood. In Kensington, I bought running shoes at the Running Room. At Smitten, my favourite clothing boutique, I bought four dresses. In Mission, I gorged myself silly at Smoke’s Poutiniere and checked out Lindt Factory Outlet.

Can you believe that I failed photography in grade 10? What was the teacher thinking???
Can you believe that I failed photography in grade 10? What was the teacher thinking???

The store is a sight to see. Clear bins almost overflow with loose chocolate. Walls are stacked high with chocolate bars. Aisles are stockpiled with boxes of assorted chocolates. There is also a section of unusual Lindt gifts.

lindt 2

As there aren’t shopping carts, I had to use two baskets to carry the almond, peanut butter, white chocolate, dark chocolate and hazelnut balls. I also picked up two large bars of dark and milk chocolate. In total, I bought two bags of chocolates, two chocolate bars, five boxes of chocolates, and 32 triple packs of chocolate balls. The prices are too good to be true. Excluding the chocolate bars, the discount ranged from 15 to 65 percent off. For my purchases, I spent just under $75.00. I plan to use all the chocolate in my baking.

lindt home

After I hit as many Mission/Kensington businesses as possible, I’ll move on to Chinatown, Bowness and the downtown core. Now that it is a guiltless activity, shopping and eating out has never been so rewarding.

Smitten Clothing Store
2-1145 Kensington Cresent NW
*Go see Judy, my favourite girl at Smitten. She is amazing at finding you the right fit.*

Running Room
321A – 10th Street NW

Lindt Outlet Boutique on Urbanspoon


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