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Smoke’s Poutinerie – Triple Pork Poutine

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Recently, Jay Blackman, the franchise owner of Smoke’s Poutinerie in Mission, invited me to a media opening. As I have a 9-5 job (and I’d like to keep it), I couldn’t make it at the designated time. Instead, L and I made our way on the weekend.

When we dropped by, Blackman was out of the store at a catering gig. Instead, I met the supervisor, Kira. If I owned a business, I would put Kira in charge too. She was on top of everything, from educating customers, training new staff, and ensuring the overall quality of the out coming poutine was up to standard.

I asked Kira if Smoke’s was affected by the flood. She mentioned that the store was without power for a week and as a result, their inventory was disposed. As well, Smoke’s was quieter because people were unsure if Mission area was even open for business.

I ordered the Triple Pork Poutine ($7.99). The box was filled to the brim with goodies: chipotle pulled pork; double-smoked bacon; Italian sausage; Quebec cheese curds and a heavy pour of gravy.

The meats were fantastic. The pulled pork was sweet and tangy, the Italian sausage was spicy while the bacon was lean and crispy. The poutine was steaming hot. The gravy was thick and flavourful. The curds gently squeaked. I can honestly say this is one of the best value and most satiating poutines I have ever eaten. The good quality ingredients, generous portions, and awesome service makes this a must visit Mission gem.
I would recommend ordering a drink to wash the rich flavours of the poutine down. L drank a Pop Shoppe black cherry ($2.25) while I stuck to plain old water ($1.50). Smoke’s Poutinerie is a well-branded chain. I like the sections of bar stools and tables available for dine-in. Open late on the weekend, I’ll be stopping by for a poutine fix on a regular basis.

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2 thoughts on “Smoke’s Poutinerie – Triple Pork Poutine

  1. You forgot to comment on the most important ingredient in a poutine, Christine- the fries! But I can say that this Smoke’s does absolutely excellent fries. The value is just ridiculously good too. Some people (judging from a couple of urbanspoon comments) are under the mistaken impression that Smoke’s is “copying” Big Cheese. This is completely erroneous; Smoke’s came first, in Toronto, and Big Cheese opened here more than a year later borrowing pretty much every aspect of Smoke’s branding. I am also sad to say that the product at Big Cheese is horribly uneven– absolutely terrible on my last visit– and has been getting smaller to boot. I just hope that people know about and support Smoke’s since it’s in a pretty well-hidden location not on 4th per se – it’s on 18th Ave SW east of 4th and very easy to miss.

  2. I guess I was just overwhelmed by the beauty of the toppings, I completely forgot to mention the fries. I love Smoke’s. Blows its competitors away. Good thing about Smoke’s location – there is parking alongside! And a quick walk from the bars along 17th Ave…

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