Bar C – Cause to Celebrate

Our friend LK has good reason to celebrate. She successfully defended her dissertation and she was hired as a faculty member. Neither an easy feat, she deservedly threw herself a party at Bar C.

Located within minutes of Local 510 and the Ship and Anchor, Bar C is a refreshing addition to the neighbourhood. Sunlight shed through the windows, highlighting the clean, fresh space. Though the bar is billed as casual, it is most definitely a step up from the nearby watering holes. Better yet, the wine selection is far more expansive and well priced than some of their neighbours. For example, I really enjoyed my bubbly, Collin Chardonnay Pinot Noir Crémant de Limoux Rosé Languedoc, France. By the glass, it cost $9.00 or for the bottle, $45.00. AY sampled BAR C Draught Frizzante California, United States ($7.99). She and I both agreed we preferred the rosé over the Bar C draught.
Our neighbours ordered oysters ($3.00 each), which came with lemon, mignonette, and vodka vinaigrette. Our host ordered several platters of cured meats and cheese ($6.00 per selection). The meat and cheeses came with several types of breads, crackers, and condiments.
AY ordered mussels and frites ($16.00). I was happy with this dish. The mussels were a filling portion, and each shell was open. It’s a huge pet peeve of mine when restaurants don’t bother removing the dead mussels. The broth was a tomato basil and white wine broth. The fries tasted like they were fresh cut, and drizzled with paprika mayo. I’d come again just for those mussels and frites.


Bar C is a nice space with reasonably priced drinks. From what I sampled on my first time visit, I would happily return. Hopefully if the food and drinks are consistent, I’ll be adding Bar C to my list of my favourite 17th Ave haunts.

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