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Cactus Club – Pass on the Booze

It was AY’s last evening in Cowtown. I picked Cactus Club because AY wanted to eat somewhere close to the airport. All the servers and hostess we encountered were on the extreme end of friendly. Though some of my friends complain that the servers at chain restaurants are “fake”, I honestly could care less. I mean, do you really expect a server to be genuinely happy every time they have to talk to you? Unless you are some charming mother #$!@er, good luck.

I ordered a 9 ounce glass of white wine, Feenie goes Haywire, BC ($15.00), a blend of gertzweiner and chardonnay. Perhaps I’m losing my penchant for booze, but I thought it tasted weak and more like water than wine. I also ordered a lime margarita ($7.25). I thought there was far too much salt on the rim, to the point that it overpowered the drink. AY’s enjoyed her beverage, the Signature Sangria ($9.25).

chicken wrap

I ordered the Chicken Szechuan Lettuce Wraps ($15.00). I was disappointed to find that the chicken was battered and covered in a sweet sauce. The menu did not describe the chicken as deep-fried, though the fault lies on me for not asking our server. I also thought the wraps tasted processed – similar to the genre of Chinese food you buy at the food court. I did like the size of the chunks of chicken and the crunch of the peanuts.


Next up was the Oceanwise Pacific Lingcod tacos ($14.00). The taco was large and filled with plenty of fish and cabbage. I like the portion and freshness of the fish but I thought it lacked adequate seasoning. These tacos were certainly not in the same league as the ones I sampled at the taco pop up event at Taste Restaurant.


The second best dish of the night was Goat Cheese and Feta Flatbread ($12.00). The arugula and tomatoes gave the flatbread a freshness. There was the savoury component from the caramelized onions and pesto sauce and sweetness from the balsamic reduction drizzled on top.

My favourite dish of the night was dessert, Key Lime Pie ($8.00). The filling was creamy with just right amount of lime flavouring. The whip cream was fluffy, the graham cracker crust was crunchy and thankfully, lacked that that nasty chemical taste of store bought pies.

I enjoyed the service at Cactus Club. The staff was attentive and did a great job getting us in and out in time for AY’s flight. The flatbread and dessert were good dishes, but I can’t help but think I’d rather spend my money at restaurants that offer better value and food, such as Ox & Angela, Carino, and Una. Furthermore, from the drinks I sampled, I’d skip the alcohol and stick to water.

* My visit to Cactus Club was prior to the flood. I’ll be making a point to visit only local restaurants affected by the flood for the summer and fall season.

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