Ox & Angela – Girls’ Night

Earlier this month, L’s Montreal friends came over for dinner. However, as AY was in town, I wanted to go out. I made his guests a Mexican feast and after everyone finished their meal, AY and I headed off to Ox & Angela. If L’s buddies thought I was rude for taking off and not eating with them, I figured that I could live with it. I got everyone (except for the pregnant woman) pretty tipsy, so hopefully no one else remembers our absence.

At Ox & Angela, AY and I ordered glasses of prosecco. The funny thing was that both AY and I agreed that we enjoyed the sparkling Q water much more than the bubbly. The water was so clean tasting, with a hint of sweetness. Perhaps I should look into installing Ox & Angela’s filtration system in my own home.

To start off, we sampled the Stuffed Dates ($2.50 per date). The outside of the date was wrapped with warm, crispy bacon. Each mouthful was a medley of soft, sweet, and crunchy.

Next up were the Cod Fritters ($8.00). It was tasty but personally, I found the cod a little mushy. It was likely just me, as my friend thought the texture was fine. I did like the crunchy exterior of the fritter and the spiciness in the seasoning. With the garlic aioli, I thought the cod fritters were a neat twist on fish and chips.

We both enjoyed the Grilled Asparagus ($11.00) with machego cheese, orange and aioli. The asparagus stalks were skinny and sweet, cooked so there was a slight charred taste to it. I like the creamy white sauce that was poured all over the dish.


Our favourite dish was the Mushroom on Toast ($13.00). The key to this dish was to compile a bit of the poached egg, the grilled bread, arugula and mushrooms all in one bite. I thought this was a great brunch dish.
mushroom toast
The seasoning on the Patatas Bravas ($6.00) tasted smokey and zesty. The Yukon potatoes were fluffy, it tickled my throat as it went down. Overall, the food and service was very good. Before Ox & Angela, I never thought I’d find a non alcoholic beverage I’d like more than wine, but that sparkling water was so good that it may be the demise of Hitting the Sauce.

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