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Charcut – Lunch and Later, A Cocktail

I took Friday off to go shopping with my friend Parv. She was moving to Toronto and wanted to buy new work clothes for her husband. While she shopped to her heart’s content, I contemplated what I wanted to eat for lunch.

pork taster

When she was finally shopped out, we headed over to Charcut. Our table was by the window, overlooking the foot traffic off Stephen Ave. While the sunlight streaming through the windows was nice and all, I would have preferred sitting in an area with more forgiving light. Oh well, I was just eating with Parv. To start off our meal on the right foot, we ordered flutes of prosecco. Our server brought over a taster – a bite of meat perched on a fork, dotted with grainy mustard.

tuna lunch

I ordered the special sandwich with fries, daily soup and two homemade cookies ($15.00). The tuna was almost fluffy in texture, sandwiched between buttered, toasted foccacia. The soup of the day was tomato, a refreshing contrast to the creaminess of the tuna and cheese filling. I thought the soup made a good condiment for my fries. I gave Parv my cookies as I’m not big on sweets.

Parv ordered the Spit-Roasted Spring Creek Shaved Prime Rib Sandwich ($16.00), which came with a sizable salad. She enjoyed the beef but didn’t eat want to eat the bread. My apologies for the poor photo. I still haven’t decided if it is better to post a blurry photo or to not post it at all. If a picture is worth a 1000 words, I figure this photo would be worth about 400?
beef dip

As we finished our meal, I noticed that there was a bar located in the side of the restaurant. How did I ever miss this? The following Monday, I told AY to meet me at Charcut for a drink. I tried the Mumbai cocktail while AY stuck to wine. The cocktail was made of freshly crushed grapefruit, simple syrup, pineapple juice and booze. It was made well and reasonably priced at $12.00. Charcut offers a great option in the downtown area for a quickie. A quick drink that is…

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4 thoughts on “Charcut – Lunch and Later, A Cocktail

      1. Hahaha well would you invest in a camera? Unlike, say Vancouver, where food picture taking is a norm, I still get a lot of stares every time I whip out my Nikon here in Calgary.

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