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Pio Peruvian Rotisserie Chicken – Visions in the Night

Last Friday, L and I plan to visit a furniture store near Pio Peruvian Rotisserie Chicken. Pio was on my wishlist for some time, so I asked Peaches what she thought of the food. She mentioned that it was funny that I asked, because the previous night, she had a dream that I disliked Pio on Urbanspoon. Peaches was going to ask me why I didn’t like the food when she woke up from her dream. After this conversation, I had to check Pio out for myself. I wanted to find out, was Peaches a food psychic?

Our server discovered it was our first visit to Pio. She brought over samples of two homemade drinks – Jugo de Maracuya ($2.49) and Chicha Morada ($2.49). My favourite of the two was the Jugo de Maracuya – a passion fruit juice. L preferred the Chica Morada – a blend of purple corn, pineapple, fresh lime juice and cinnamon. Both beverages were yummy, but as I avoid sweet non alcoholic drinks, I declined ordering a full glass.

We ordered Salchipapa ($4.99), sliced beef sausage and fries and Pio’s special sauce. Who doesn’t like sausages and fries? L and I were surprised with the large plate of food. We liked eating the sausage, fries and special mayonnaise together in one bite. The combination of the juices of the sausage, the crispness of the potato and tangy creaminess of the mayonnaise complimented each other so well. This dish was a winner. I would gladly take salchipapa over poutine anytime.


I didn’t want to overdose on fried food, so I made L share the Jalea with me – Peruvian tempura calamari, tiger shrimp, red snapper with cassava fries and Pio sauce ($17.99). The key to eating this dish is to make good use of the condiments. The red snapper arrived in tender nuggets, tasty when dunked in the spicy rocotto sauce, mayonnaise and eaten with a bit of red onion. The rocotto sauce adds another dimension, livening up the red snapper. The calamari wasn’t rubbery, it was nice with the mayonnaise and again, more of that raw red onion. The shrimp was large with a good crunch. I like the freshly toasted corn, which was still warm and crunchy. The cassava fries were a light golden brown. I preferred using plain old ketchup for the cassava fries, as it added some sweetness.

L and I plan to return soon to try the rotisserie chicken and desserts. The food is addicting, inexpensive and a refreshing change from our usual haunts. I’m flattered that I was in Peaches’ dreams, though I’m relieved to find out she doesn’t have psychic abilities.

Pio Peruvian Rotisserie Chicken on Urbanspoon


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