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Ajisai Sushi Bar: MIA

I use to frequent Ajisai Sushi Bar when I lived in the hood, but since my parents moved to Richmond in 2009, I haven’t been back. However, as I was staying at AY’s house, which was a quick 10 minute walk to Ajisai, I thought it was time for a revisit.
I arrived on time at 11:45am. I grabbed the last 3 seats by the sushi bar and waited for my parents to arrive. Fifth-teen minutes later, I was still alone and taking up valuable real estate in a busy restaurant. My father’s cell was turned off, so I checked my email. It turns out that he sent me an email earlier that morning saying that he was too tired to travel so far for lunch. Gee, I guess that ten minute drive would have been too exhausting. I called AY and she delayed a meeting to have lunch with me.

We ordered the regular chirashi and a combination set of tuna sashimi, a BC roll, and a half order of a California roll. Both orders came with miso soup. I liked the big chunks of soft tofu cubes in the soup.

I really enjoyed the BC roll – the salmon filling was delicious. The combo also came with a big bowl of salad, filled with broccoli, lettuce, and razor thing slices of cucumber. The tuna sashimi was fantastic, soft but not mushy.
The sushi rice in the chirashi was slightly sticky, tasting only faintly of vinegar and sugar. The pieces of fish were cut into thin slices that elegantly draped against the rice. I also liked the mushroom bits peppered throughout the sushi rice. My only qualm was the temperature of the sashimi. I would have preferred if the fish was cooler, but perhaps this was due to the warm room. The tako was my favourite – the thin slices were firm and crunchy. The tamago was sweet and airy in texture.

Next time I visit, I think I’ll stick with the roll combinations and sashimi. If I invite my father again, I’m sure he will show up on time or better yet, early. After a tongue lashing regarding his absence at lunch, he promised that he would never let it happen again. I guess I did learn a thing or two from my mother.

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