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Guu Garden – Late Night Eats


My last night in Vancouver. Naomi cooked her delicious Persian cuisine for me while I tended to the wine pouring duties. However, close to midnight, she was getting sleepy just as I was just gearing up. So I called AY and told her to meet me at Guu Garden.

We ordered: Grilled Salmon Rice Balls ($5.50); Chicken Karrage ($5.50); Grilled Eggplant ($3.80); Kimchi Pot ($8.80); His Ebi Mayo ($8.50); Edamame ($2.50); and Wild Salmon Sashimi ($9.00). The edamame was adequate – it was warm and salted, similiar like the frozen stuff I buy from T&T.  For $2.50, this was a nice snack to munch on while we waited for the unhealthier dishes to arrive.

AY and I didn’t care for the wild salmon sashimi. The skin was left on, which we found unappetizing. The salmon itself was tough and flavourless.

rice ball 2

Our favourite dish was the Grilled Salmon Rice Balls. The outside was crispy while the interior was soft and steaming hot. Though the flakes of salmon were sparse, it was still flavourful enough that you can taste salmon in every bite. I thought it could have used some sauce, like Japanese mayonnaise or okonomiyaki sauce.

garden karage1

The Chicken Karagge was not good. The skin was limp and soggy. I just peeled off the skin and dunked it into the mayonnaise. As well, the chicken was too pink, though that didn’t discourage me from eating it. Fried chicken has a special power over me.


The Grilled Eggplant was a nice dish to eat on a warm night. The eggplant was served at a chilled temperature. I liked the texture of the eggplant, it wasn’t in the least rubbery.


The Kimchi Pot was my attempt of trying to cut down on grease. The spicy broth was filled with soft tofu, cabbage, and sliced button mushrooms. I wouldn’t order this again. I thought it needed glass noodles, rice or some other carbohydrate.
garden ebi
The Ebi Mayo was okay, but there was barely any mayonnaise, which made it bland. However, the shrimp was large, sweet and crunchy.

My last gripe of the night. I found the volume of the restaurant far too loud. It wasn’t the customers but the staff. One female server in particular has a nice set of pipes. I enjoy a greeting as much as any other person, but when I leave with a sore throat because I’m trying to have a conversation with AY in a restaurant that is a quarter full, then it’s a problem for me.
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