Basil Ultimate Pho and Fine Vietnamese Cuisine

L picked me up from the airport. As I gorged all week on Japanese fried food, I wanted something simple and hot for lunch. Basil Pho has been on my list for a while, and given its close proximity to the airport, it made sense to knock one off my Urbanspoon wishlist.

I started off on an embarrassing note. When I opened the door I saw a man near the exit. He was staring, as if he was sizing us up. Naturally, I assumed he was an employee, worried if we were the dine and dash type. I told him we were in need of a table for two. It turns out he was a customer. A real employee came up and quickly removed us from the awkward situation I created.
I really enjoyed my dish – Beef Sate ($10.00). It was an enormous bowl filled with a creamy, spicy broth. I could taste coconut milk, chili peppers and peanuts. The pieces of beef were tender and easy to eat. My favourite element of the dish were the still chewy noodles. My pet peeve with pho is that most places tend to overcook the noodles. Mixed with crunchy bean sprouts, aromatic basil leaves and a squirt of lime, this bowl was chock-full of flavours.
L ordered Lemongrass Chicken with Spring Rolls on Vermicelli ($10.75). I enjoyed the chicken – which was moist and covered in a sweet marinade. The two spring rolls were crispy, filled with clear noodles, carrots and pork. I wish there were a bit more vegetables than bean sprouts and lettuce, but it was tasty nonetheless.

Basil Ultimate Pho and Fine Vietnamese Cuisine on Urbanspoon


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