Fast Food · Vancouver/Richmond

Meat & Bread – Lunch in Gastown


I called my friend Stephanie to let her know I was back in town. She wanted to take me out to lunch and asked me to pick the place. I heard much about Meat & Bread, which opened after I left Vancouver. So, I seized this opportunity to check it out.

Stephanie advised we meet at 11:45 am, right before the lunch rush. We both ordered the infamous porchetta ($8.00) sandwich. The meat was piled on top of the bread and passed down along the assembly line.

We sat at the end of the communal table and dug into the sandwich. I loved the salsa verde that was spooned onto the pork, it tasted like pulsed parsley. The best part of the sandwich was the warm bread and crunchy roasted pork skin. The leaner bits of the pork was pink, while the remaining of the barely warm fat was white. The circle of mustard came in handy to camouflage what I was essentially eating. While the sandwich wasn’t large, it was very rich.

The sandwich was tasty, the space was inviting, and the service was attentive. Considering Meat & Bread is a sandwich shop, I was surprised at the high level of service we received, from the moment we entered till the end when we left. I’d happily return, though I’d likely venture for the daily special.
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