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Flying Pig – Late Night Snack

I spent most of Monday evening with my vegetarian friend, Naomi. Two bottles of Blasted Church and a delicious meal later, it was Naomi’s bedtime. Maybe if she ate more protein, she would have more energy. Just joking, I know she eats lots of lentils. I called AY to continue the festivities. She came roaring in her SUV, threw the door open and told me get inside. We were going to her favourite hang-out, The Flying Pig.
At 11:00pm, the restaurant was near empty. However, our server thought it best to sit us next to the only couple in the restaurant. While we sipped on prosecco, we would hear our neighbour loudly moan in enjoyment after each bite of food. Hey man, I can appreciate your enthusiasm for good food, but keep the X-rated sounds down. We’re trying to have a drink!
I wasn’t hungry after Naomi’s dinner, so we just ordered mussels and clams with fries and a side order of crispy brussel sprouts. The mussels were tiny little things, though the clams were much plumper. Both the mussels and clams tasted fresh. The fries were thin and brittle, and thus kept breaking when I tried to dip them into the broth. I enjoyed the brussel sprouts, particularly the zesty blend of lemon, Parmesan and capers.

Next time, I have to sample the Wild Seafood Pappardelle and the Pan Seared Queen Charlotte Halibut. Maybe if the food is amazing, I’ll be the one moaning in ecstasy, much to the discomfort of those lucky enough to be seated near me.

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