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Guu Original – Late Night Eats

AY picked me up from the airport and dropped me off to my parents house. In less than 3 hours, I greeted my family, played with my newborn niece, hung out with my sister-in-law, and whipped up supper for my family. When the last of the dishes were done, I was officially off duty. AY and I took off to check out a new bar and before retiring for the night, stopped by for late night eats at Guu Original.
It was a warm spring night, and inside the restaurant it was steaming hot. Though it was last call, the only seats left were at the bar. For food, I ordered: Tuna Tataki ($7.80); Ebi Mayo ($8.50); Sashimi Salad ($8.80); Kimchi Udon ($8.50), Chicken Karrage ($7.80); and Negitoro Don ($7.80). This was more food than we needed, but I was craving all my favourite dishes.

The Sashimi Salad was a great pick of the night. A large portion of roughly chopped romaine lettuce, fresh tuna, salmon, cherry tomatoes and threads of daikon. I like the temperature of salad. The sashimi was cool on tongue while the daikon added a refreshing element. The lettuce was dressed in a plum dressing and lightly drizzled with wasabi mayonnaise.
The Chicken Karrage was served piping hot. The coating was a light, crumbly batter that melted in your mouth. Normally a fan of garlic mayonnaise, I thought Guu’s version was a tad too pungent.
For filler food, the Kimchi Udon was more than decent. I enjoyed the texture of the udon noodles as it had a nice chew to it. I like the seasoning of cod roe and soy sauce – but I didn’t really care for the dominant taste of butter in the sauce.
I really enjoyed the Tuna Tataki. We received 5 thickly sliced pieces of lightly seared tuna. The ponzu sauce brightened up the subtle taste of the tuna. I also liked eating the tuna together with the accompanying garlic chips and green onions.
The last to arrive was my favourite – good old Ebi Mayo. The shrimp was much plumper than Gyoza King’s version. I also preferred the modest use of chili mayonnaise. When I bit into the ebi mayo, I noticed that the shrimp had a clean crunch to it.

Ah, Guu, my first night back and you didn’t disappoint me. Thank goodness some things never change in Vancity. Though the price of property keeps rising, in terms of value, hopefully Guu will always stay the same.

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