Una Pizza and Wine

My friend Naomi flew into town to visit me. In terms of painting the town red, the first night was an epic failure. With the snowfall warning in effect, she didn’t want to head out, lest the snow ruin her shoes. I should have reminded her to pack snow boots and a ski jacket. My bad, I forgot that I live in the North Pole. Instead, I made her dinner, I opened up a special bottle of wine, and then we played rummy all night.

The next day, the weather was bearable enough for Naomi to venture out. As she recently converted to a vegetarian diet, I wavered between The Coup or Una. Since L was accompanying us for dinner, I thought Una would be the best choice.

In order to avoid the line-up, we arrived early Sunday evening. Naomi and I ordered white wine by the glass (Villa Solair, $11) and L picked a pint of Velvet Fog ($6.50). The wine was a yellow hue and smelled grassy, reminding me of spring. A season that seems to elude Calgary.


For our appetizer, we shared the Kale Caesar Salad ($12.00), served alongside with a boiled organic egg and a side of prosciutto. The kale salad was filling and delicious – I would definitely order it again. The shredded kale leaves were tossed in a light olive oil dressing. I really like the addition of the garlic panko crumbs and sea salt, it gave the salad a soft, crumbly crunch. I also like the dusting of pecorino cheese – it was dry and sharp.

four cheese

We ordered two pizzas, the 4-Maggi ($19.00) with fiodi latte mozzarella and pecorin nomarro, truffle honey and the Margareta ($15.00), with san marzano tomato sauce, fior di latte mozzarella, and crushed basil ($15.00). Our favourite was the 4-Maggi pizza. The crust was light but sturdy enough to hold up all the cheeses. I’m not sure why, but the crust tasted like buttery popcorn. We all loved the combination of the white cheeses and sweet, truffle honey. The Margareta pizza was nice as well, simple in a clean tomato sauce and splotches of basil.

two pizzas

At the end of the meal, I pulled out my wallet to pay for dinner. Naomi laughed and said I was not to pay. I wasn’t worried, I’m twice her size and I could easily take her out. Alas, when the server came with bill, her credit card was already in it. I tried to pull the card out but Naomi’s slender arms were surprisingly strong. She shoved me away and punched in her bank code. Me thinks I’m overdue for a visit to my hometown. I’ll remember to bring my umbrella. I wouldn’t want Vancouver’s perennial rain to ruin my shoes.

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One thought on “Una Pizza and Wine

  1. I’ve never been to Una, but I’ve heard great things–definitely a place worth trying. Great review!

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