The Coup – Vegetarian Fare

Last Friday, Kristen and I headed over to The Coup for dinner. I picked The Coup because I wanted to ensure my friend, who is a vegetarian, would be able to order anything off the menu. This turned out to be an unnecessary precaution, as she recently incorporated fish into her diet. Good to know – seafood restaurants are now an option.

We landed a spacious table near the front window. However, sitting by the front door has its negative consequences. The table was in plain sight of a line-up of customers, which made lingering after our meal out of the question. Maybe next time I’ll angle my chair so I’m facing the wall and not directly at impatient customers. I guess vegetarians are just like regular people in that they too, dislike waiting for a table.
For drinks, I opted for Rosee D’Hisbiscus ($7.00) while Kristen ordered the Malibu Barbie Colada ($11.00). Her cocktail contained 2 ounces of white and malibu rum, apple essence, coconut gelato, pineapple and fresh mint. At restaurants and bars, I normally stick to beer or wine, which I find is more bang for your buck, buzz wise. It turns out that The Coup makes their cocktails well (i.e. strong). Kristen’s cheeks turned a rosy pink halfway through her drink and she couldn’t finish it. I took a sip, it was delicious.

Our server Kelly was fantastic. She was friendly, attentive and gave excellent menu recommendations. She suggested we order the special of the night, Daikon Latkas with Miso Rice and Beans with Steamed Gai Lan ($15.00). However, I heard much about this the famed Dragon Bowl ($15.50), and I was dead set on having it. Kristen, on the other hand, took Kelly’s advice and ordered the special entree. The Dragon Bowl was tasty, replete with whole peanuts, brown rice, and steamed peppers, broccoli, snap peas and peanut sauce. However, after taking one bite of Kristen’s entree, I was immediately regretful of my decision. I asked Kelly to pack up my first entree to go. I figured that I would bring L the Dragon Bowl, get the entree I wanted, and look like a sweetheart for bringing him back something for dinner.


Kelly asked the chef to quickly whip up another special for me, despite the fact the kitchen was going nuts with a rush of orders. The rice and firm black beans was creamy from the miso sauce. The gai lan was simply steamed, but cooked perfectly, so that there was still a sweet crunchiness to it. The latkes tasted like it was made of cornmeal, as it was light, crumbly and melted in your mouth.

platter coup

I cleaned the entire plate, which left me no room for dessert. Kristen did not finish her food, and she ordered two chocolate truffles ($4.00). I think the incoherent exclamations coming out of her mouth meant it was good. Considering the quality of the ingredients, service and generous portions, I think The Coup offers value for vegetarians and carnivores alike.



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2 thoughts on “The Coup – Vegetarian Fare

  1. It was such a good meal and a fabulous atmosphere! The Coup continues to be one of my favourite restaurants in the city.

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