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Fuel for Gold – Campus Eats

Fuel for Gold is located in the MacEwan Hall at the University of Calgary. I hate eating in the food court, so I usually head back to my office, which had a view of the C-Train. Not the best view, but better than my last windowless cubicle that I shared with dozens of office drones.


One of my favourite salads is the Bean, Wild Rice and Lentil Salad (large, $5.25). The plastic container was packed to the brim with a mixture of wild rice, fragrant green onions, raw carrots, beans and lentils. The salad is a pleasant blend of soft, crunchy, and chewy.


I also really like the Organic Quinoa Salad (small, $3.25). The seasoning was flavourful, light and lemony. I wish I knew how to cook quinoa like this – it is soft and fluffy but still has a firm pop to it. I tried to cajole the chef into telling me his cooking method, but so far, no luck.


Of the soups, my favourite was the Dairy Free Clam Chowder (large, $4.25). There were plenty of clams in a clear, spicy broth. I’ve also really enjoyed the Chicken Sausage with Sweet Beans. It’s a hearty soup loaded with sliced chicken sausage, chickpeas, onions, and potatoes.

chicken sausage

If you want a sandwich, the Grilled Turkey Panini ($7.50) would be a solid bet. The ingredients taste fresh, particularly with the notes of basil. This is easily one of the best sandwiches on campus. If you want something healthy, delicious and inexpensive, you can’t do any better than Fuel for Gold.


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One thought on “Fuel for Gold – Campus Eats

  1. Dear Hittingthesauce,

    Thank you for your positive review of our food kiosk in Mac Hall. At Fuel for Gold, we pride ourselves in serving fast, healthy, organic, fresh food.

    We buy non-processed food that is prepared fresh in the kitchen every day by our full-time professional culinary staff.

    When cooking with organic ingredients, it is possible that hard grains or beans will not soften in the cooking process. We apologize if you have found hard grains or stones in your food. Next time, we invite you to bring back the food and we will gladly replace it at no cost.

    We hope you continue to visit our kiosk and enjoy our food!

    Fuel for Gold

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