Sushi Club K’z – Weekday Lunch

After working for 14 consecutive days, my boss told me time to take two days off. So what was the very first thing I wanted to do? Have lunch at Sushi Club K’z! A tip for the value conscious – the weekday lunch at Sushi Club is the way to go.

soup and tea

I like sitting at the bar. I don’t feel uncomfortable eating alone, and I get a view of the two owners/chefs selecting different types of fish for customers’ order. I requested a pot of strong green tea ($1.90) and the sushi and sashimi set ($12.99). I took a peek inside the pot and I noticed that a silk bag was used to enclose the loose tea leaves. The miso soup arrived with the tea, the broth was sweet and filled with soft pieces of seaweed.
Bento box
I always order the same combination, the sashimi and sushi set which includes: 2 pieces of a medium roll; 2 pieces of a Kensington roll; 6 pieces of sashimi; 3 pieces of nigiri, rice, miso soup and a salad. Sometimes the server forgets to bring the bowl of rice, but a reminder always solves that dilemma.


The salad was a few bites worth of crisp dark green spinach leaves with razor thin slices of a radish and a half of a cherry tomato. The raw seafood was of excellent quality. For sashimi, I received six pieces of red tuna, regular tuna and salmon. The ebi nigiri was larger than I’m accustomed, and it had a sweet snap to it. What really stands out for me are the vibrant colours of the food. Like the orange hue of the salmon, the pink hue of the plump piece of ebi and the sparkle of green and orange tobiko.


The ingredients in the Medium Roll make for a great combination of the texture and taste. It’s crunchy from the tobiko, creamy from the salmon and avocado filling and refreshing from the piece of cucumber.
The Kensington Roll is too big to cram into one bite. Inside the roll, there are lots of tiny shards of ingredients, such as lettuce, avocado, cucumber, ebi, salmon and tuna. I love the sushi rice – the grains are chewy and you can taste the seasoning of vinegar and sugar.

For quality sushi and sashimi at a reasonable price, you can’t do much better than Sushi Club for lunch. If you can think of a place (other than Wa’s), let me know. I’ll even use a vacation day to check it out. My next sushi adventure will be at Li-Ao Sushi, a much hyped Japanese restaurant on Urbanspoon. Stay tuned…

Sushi Club K'z on Urbanspoon


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