Bistro 2210 – Weekday Lunch

wine glass
A while back, I picked up a Travelzoo coupon for lunch for two at Bistro 2210.  Last week, I managed to pry L from work for a lunch date. At 1:00pm, L and I were surprised when we walked in to a near empty room. The restaurant was small in size and cute in appearance. I like the ring of lights on the ceiling and the chocolate brown furniture. There were about a dozen tables in the main section, each with a view of the sidewalk action of the Mission neighbourhood.
For white wines by the glass, there were 4 options. Our server recommended a glass of chardonnay ($10) while L opted for a cup of coffee. I noticed our server had to opened an unopened bottle for me. I appreciated the fact that she didn’t just recommend a wine that was already open. To start, we shared the Charcuterie Platter ($14.00), which contained duck pate; prosciutto; sliced sausages; olives; pickles; a pot of sweet raspberry jam and grilled, chewy sourdough bread. L and I really enjoyed the pate – which came in two thick slices. The pate was firm yet creamy, and cool on the tongue.
I picked the healthiest item  I could find on the menu – Salade Nicoise ($16.00). The salad was simply dressed with olive oil. I like the addition of confit tomato, chopped up olives, and two crunchy pickled beans.The albacore tuna was lightly seared outside. It was a nice cold summer salad with wholesome ingredients, such as halved baby potatoes, a boiled egg and frisee.
I made L order the Grilled Alberta Flatiron Steak, House Cut Fries and Truffle Aioli Frites ($18.00) because I wanted to have a bite. The outside of the steak was seared well and it had a crusty exterior. The interior was tender but cold in temperature. L enjoyed the tidy pile of thin cut fries with the aioli. We both thought the portions were perfect for lunch.

L and I would return again – particularly for that pate. My only issue was when the server informed me that they wouldn’t automatically charge the 18%. I was fine with the automatic gratity and planned to tip 20%, but when the bill came, it was confusing for me to calculate the appropriate tip because of how the bill broke down with the coupon. I realized my error when L was driving away, but he couldn’t turn around because he had to make it to a meeting. If we have the same server again in the future, I’ll have to make up for my mistake.

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