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Vero Bistro – Big Taste

AY was in town for work. For her pre-birthday dinner, I picked Vero Bistro. I enjoyed myself at Vero for a past dinner, and I wanted to see what it was like on a regular night. However, I forgot that AY’s birthday coincided with Big Taste (a week long event in which participating restaurants offer a specially priced $35 menu). At 8:30pm, the bistro was still booked to capacity. Despite the crowd, we scored a great table by the front window.
We munched on complimentary herb biscuits while we sipped on flutes of prosecco. For my first course, I ordered the Hand Rolled Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Browned Butter, Wild Boar Bacon and Toasted Walnuts. AY ordered House Made Milk Fed Veal Cannelloni and as we usually do, we switched half way so we could try both dishes. The gnocchi was nicely seared on the outside.  I liked crunch of the walnuts in the dish. However, my favourite of the two appetizers was the cannelloni. I love the creaminess of the filling and the flavourful, rich tasting Berkshire pork ragu sauce.
For the main courses, Vero was out of steak and bouillabaisse. Instead, we had the choice between the Lavender Honey Glazed Berkshire Pork Chop with Aged White Balsamic or the Free Range Rack of Lamb with Sangiovese Reduction. The pork was a thick cut of meat and very tender. However, the lamb reigns supreme. How can pork compete with a rack like that? The herb crusted seasoning was out of this world. I ordered the lamb rare and the meat was so soft, someone without teeth wouldn’t have a problem chewing it. Both entrees came with simply steamed, still crunchy broccoli.
For the finale, we received guava cheesecake with homemade granola and caramel drizzle. The cheesecake filling was light in texture and tropical in taste. Along with the bill, I received a 15% discount card for our next meal over $100. I’ll have to come back and use it, that’s a deal too sweet for me to pass. Next time, I want to order the bouillabaisse.  I’ll bring L – at the very least, he’ll appreciate that I’m trying to save him money.
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