Big Catch – Special Order Chirashi

During our lunch date, Peaches recounted her last visit to Big Catch. She ate the most delicious torched toro and salmon nigiri, and small, sweet raw scallops. I asked her how this was possible – given that Big Catch’s menu is limited to maki rolls and salmon, tuna and toro sashimi. Peaches divulged that she asked one of the owners and sushi chef, Shin Koshirae, if she could place a special request. Shin told her that he could make anything, given he has the ingredients in stock.
So, after an afternoon of shopping for wedding dresses, my entourage dropped by Kingsland Farmer’s Market for lunch. I sprinted over to Big Catch and asked Shin if he could make my favourite dish, chirashi (raw slices of fish on rice). He thoughtfully paused for a second, nodded his head, and went to work. I could barely contain my excitement.
Ten minutes later, my special order of chirashi was ready to be devoured. I counted about 13 pieces of fish: wild salmon; Atlantic salmon; tuna; pink tuna; mackerel; and toro. I was really impressed with how fresh each piece of fish tasted. For a moment, I forgot I was in Calgary. Hell, this was better than the majority of Japanese restaurants in Vancouver. The tuna was lovely – the flesh was firm but soft. The ebi (shrimp) was sweet and crunchy. The toro was my favourite – the milky pink, butter-like texture was so luxurious. Normally not a fan of mackerel, I didn’t find it nearly as strong tasting as I usually find it.

The sushi rice wasn’t as heavily seasoned as Wa’s, but it still has a subtle taste of vinegar and sugar. Each grain was firm and separate – moist but not wet. The portion of rice to fish was just right for me. With a bowl of miso soup, I was comfortably full. Now that I know Shin makes a kick-ass chirashi, it’s going to make it harder for me to sample the other food options at Kingsland Farmer’s Market.

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3 thoughts on “Big Catch – Special Order Chirashi

    1. I want to try out other vendors but I love the sushi at Big Catch so much, I can’t resist heading there every time I visit Kingsland Market 🙂 Do try the chirashi. You won’t be disappointed.

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