The Himalayan: Lunch Buffet

Peaches and I have been meaning to try The Himalayan for quite some time, but a series of setbacks prevented us from getting together. Last weekend, the stars aligned and we were able to met for lunch. As Peaches called ahead to make reservations, we scored the only booth in the restaurant.
Throughout lunch, I found the server/owner personable and attentive. Within minutes of sitting down, he brought over a basket of fresh flatbread and a carafe of water with a slice of cucumber. Peaches hadn’t arrived yet so I picked away at the flatbread. The bottom of the flatbread was crispy while the top was soft.  Glistening with butter, the bread was warm and chewy.
Including the salads and desserts, I counted about 15 item selection in the buffet ($13.00). I sampled the beef and spinach curry; saffron rice; butter chicken; salad; tofu; okra and fried potatoes; fried vegetarian fritters; and ground lamb and peas. Of the bunch, my favourite items were the tofu, okra and potatoes, and the spicy beef curry. The only thing I didn’t try was dessert.
Platter 1
The beef in the curry was lean and soft – though it was a little too salty. I really enjoyed the spicy tofu – the cubes were covered in sticky sweet syrup that was also tart. The accompanying green bell peppers still had a nice crunch to it and were juicy. The Himalayan uses white meat in the butter chicken.  The butter sauce was a mild tasting, a blend of ginger, tomatoes and cashews. The okra was nicely seasoned and the interior of the fried potatoes was pillowy soft. The fried vegetarian fritters were nice spicy pop to it, but a tad greasy for me. The Vegetarian Chau-Chau consisted of flour noodles, cabbage, carrots, peppers, and onions. I like the flavour of the spices in the noodles. I wished there were more peas in the ground lamb as well as less salt, but it was still tasty.  Not normally a lover of buffet salads, I enjoyed the combination of the different flavours and textures. I picked various pickled vegatables, artichokes, tomatoes and mixed greens. With a dash of dressing, the salad was sweet, sour, and crunchy.
For lunch – Himalayan offers one of the best deals in town. L plans to return with me for dinner, which I imagine will be even better in terms of the quality of the food. I also noticed the prices for alcohol was cheap. A bottle of Grasshopper will set you back $5.25, while a bottle of Kim Crawford was only $35.00.

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6 thoughts on “The Himalayan: Lunch Buffet

      1. Both! 🙂 Himalayan can be a double date since I’m sure L and C wants to try as well. Jackie’s Thai can be our next casual thing!

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