The Den and The Lounge – Lunch on Campus

Dr. B and I were off for our monthly pizza date. As I work at the university and Dr. B still graces the department with his presence, we usually eat on campus. We accidently walked into the Den instead of the Black Lounge (The Den is one floor below the Black Lounge), which was a grave error as the Den doesn’t sell pizza. We decided to stick around and share the Buffalo Chicken Wrap with fries.

In the past, I really enjoyed the Buffalo Wrap – the chicken was breaded, deep-fried then tossed in hot sauce. There were plenty of greens and it made for great pub food. However, this time around, the slices of skinless chicken were over saturated in hot sauce, which made it very salty to eat. The portion of chicken was meager, so you end up eating more wrap than any of the other ingredients. Luckily, the fries (likely the frozen type) were served piping hot. Long in length and slender in width, the fries were perfectly salted and mealy inside.

The following week, we walked into the correct pub, the Black Lounge. We usually order the California pizza ($8.75), which for the price, more than satisfies. However, this time around, we tried the meat pizza ($8.75). The crust was thick and crunchy but the toppings were scant, and for a supposed ‘meat pizza’, there was not a lot of meat, just one layer of ham. While the pizza was loaded with cheese, the pizza was dry because there was barely any sauce.
meat pizza
We’ll keep coming back to the Den/Lounge because the location is convenient (i.e. no better options), the food is inexpensive, and the beer is fresh, cold and cheap. The service at both pubs are great – the staff are friendly, fast and always on the move. The only thing that irked Dr. B was that neither pubs offer a senior’s discount. Perhaps now that’s he is retired, he can get a job at the Den and get his meals for free.

The Den on Urbanspoon

Black Lounge on Urbanspoon


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