Izumi Sushi Yokozuna – Quick Sushi Fix

For AY’s last night in Calgary, we had dinner at Izumi. I received a $20.00 promotional coupon from Izumi’s Facebook page, which expired by the end of January. To further sweeten the deal, Izumi discounts their sushi boats by $10.00 on the weekend. This turn out to be a heavily subsidized meal. Any rational person might be hesitant to eat deeply discounted sushi in Calgary, but AY was game.

L wasn’t hungry, so we ordered the Sushi and Sashimi Boat ($43.99) and the Bridge of Tuna ($13.99). The Bridge of Tuna contained alternate layers of tuna and buttery slices of avocado. Drizzled with cream sauce and sprinkled with deep-fried grated carrot, this was a creamy, sweet, calorie-laden dish. I found the tuna mushy in texture and the carrots too sweet.

tuna tower

The sashimi boat contained: 4 pieces tuna and salmon sashimi; ebi (cooked prawn); hotate (scallop) sushi; California roll; and a Dynamite Roll. Instead of two bowls of rice, we were offered two spicy tuna cones. The spicy tuna rolls were tasty, packed full of tuna covered in a mildly spicy sauce with very little rice. The tuna and salmon sashimi came in generous slices. The ebi was plump and the hotate was rich and creamy in texture. The rice in the nigiri was too wet for me, but considering the price, I could overlook it. I didn’t try the California Roll or the Dynamite Roll; I was only in the mood for raw fish.
Service was fast and attentive. The food is inexpensive, given that you take advantage of their nightly specials. However, the booths need a scrubbing. The seat I sat in was sticky with soy sauce and leftover bits of food. I’d return again, particularly for the nigiri and sashimi. 

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