Thai Bistro – Tasty Thai

When L and I lived in Sunalta, I always meant to try Thai Bistro on 17th Ave (formerly O Shima). However, I got in a rut of automatically rotating through my list of tried and true restaurants. So, when I spotted an online deal for Thai Bistro, I took it as a sign from the foodie gods to branch out. Although there were only a handful of tables occupied throughout our visit, we saw a steady stream of takeout action. In the hour we spent at Thai Bistro, I saw at least 5 customers pick up food.
We started off with two pints of Grasshopper (on tap). The beer was cold and bubbly, and inexpensive at $5.25. After a quick look through the menu, we ordered two small bowls of Tom Yum soup ($3.95), Seafood Pad Thai ($12.95), Pad Med Mamuang ($11.95), and a small bowl of jasmine rice ($1.00).
The small bowl of Tom Yum was jam packed with white chicken, tomatoes and sliced button mushrooms. The soup was a clear, orangey hue; I could detect a mild spiciness, and aromatic notes from the lemongrass. The soup was fine, but next time, I want to try the stuffed chicken wings or the beef lettuce wrap.
My favourite dish was the Seafood Pad Thai.  The noodles were slick with a sauce that was sweet, sour and tangy. I loved the texture of all the ingredients mixed up; the squid was tender, the noodles were soft, while the peanuts, sprouts and shrimp gave the dish a satisfying crunch.
Next up was the Pad Med Mamuang, a stir-fry of chicken, cashews, with assorted vegetables. The flavours were light, and the vegetables were fresh and crisp. This dish ‘wowed’ L, but I would prefer something with a bit more of kick to it. This is a common problem when L and I share dishes, as we have opposite tastes. The Jack Sprat nursery rhyme comes to mind…

I noticed that all dishes coming out of the kitchen seem to be cooked per order. The food came out at a leisurely pace, and each arrived piping hot. After a bowl of soup, a pint of beer, two main dishes and a small bowl of rice, we were very full. The cheapskate in me was delighted with the prices – this was exactly what I could get in most Thai restaurant in Vancouver. Plus, the food wasn’t nearly as greasy as I’m use to back home. Note to self – we’ll be ordering takeout from Thai Bistro on a regular basis.

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