Hanni’s Restaurant and Pizza

Recently, our friends G and A visited us from Edmonton. As they haven’t seen our new digs, L and I invited them over for dinner. Normally, I’d whip up some pseudo Chinese food for my guests, but as my parents were in town for 8 days, I was sick of cooking. Besides, I was craving pizza.

I’ve sampled two nearby pizza places near our home, but Hanni’s is by far my favourite. I ordered a 12 inch SMOG ($21.95) and a 12 inch Hanni’s Special ($21.95). Given that it was a particularly cold night (-30), and on a Saturday, I wasn’t surprised when I was informed that it would take an hour for the food to arrive to our house. Thankfully, when the pizza did arrive, it was still hot.
The Hanni’s Special was my favourite of the two pizzas. I wasn’t sure if I’d like the combination of roasted garlic chicken, red onions, banana peppers, feta and basil, but it turned out to be a flavourful combination. The banana peppers added a tangy crunch to it while the feta gave it a nice saltiness. While there were fewer toppings in the SMOG, both pizzas were equally dense and heavy.
The SMOG was topped with juicy pieces of Italian sausage, green peppers, mushrooms and crunchy onions. The cheese on the SMOG was stringy and gooey.

Both pizzas had Hanni’s trademark crust and heavy-handed toppings. Due to the nature of gravity, the topping almost fell off when I lifted it off my plate. The thick crust was golden brown, not greasy, and had a satisfying crunch when you bite into it. The two pies would be more than enough for 6 hungry adults. After our meal, we were still left with more than half a pizza. As we were leaving for L’s parents ranch the following day, I froze what was left over. A week later I reheated the pizza and I kid you not, it tasted just as good when we first ordered it.

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