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Kingsland Farmers Market: Lunch at Sabores and Big Catch

L and I just finished up our usual shopping round at Kingsland Farmers Market. We hit Broxburn Farm for vegetables, as well as Noble Meadow’s eggs and goat cheese. We swung by Lund’s for carrots and Jackson Meats for prosciutto. By the time we were done, we were starving and headed off to grab something to eat in the food court.
L picked up a chicken burrito at Sabores while I ordered miso soup, a tuna roll, sashimi salad and creme brûlée at Big Catch. One thing I noticed was that the staff working at Sabores and Big Catch must be the happiest people in the world.  Whenever I visit, the staff at both venues are always smiling and chatting with customers. The female staff from Sabores brought over L’s food asked me if I wanted another fork to share it. I told her I was fine. She looked over at Big Catch’s alarm by my side and nodded, stating she thought the sushi Big Catch was the best. I thought that she showed a lot of grace by complimenting her neighbour’s food.
tuna roll
As L’s food arrived before mine, so I was able to steal a few bites from him. The plate the burrito was served on was hot. The burrito was huge, about the size of a ten-inch sub. Covered in baked cheese, and filled with an array of fillings, we realized Sabores was no Taco Time. The filling comprised of rice, refried beans, beans, corn and chicken. This was an entire meal in one burrito. I liked how though there were different components in the burrito, each remained distinctive in terms of flavor and texture. By the time my food came, L was so full that he couldn’t sample my lunch.
sashimi salad
My miso soup arrived in a large bowl. It was filling, nourishing and only cost $1.25. As usual, the tuna roll was packed full of fish and the rice was perfect. This time around, I enjoyed the spicy sweet sauce drizzled on top of the tuna roll, so much that I backed off the soy sauce and wasabi.

The seafood salad consisted of chopped greens and small slices of salmon, tuna, tuna belly, and a large piece of ebi. The crispy topping and daikon threads gave the salad some texture and crunch while the creamy sauce brought everything together.
Creme brulee
For dessert, L and I shared the crème brulee. We both agreed the dessert was delicious. A gentle tap from my plastic spoon shattered the thin layer of caramelized sugar. You could also see, smell and taste the vanilla specks on the bottom of the dish.

The next time we head to the market, L and I will have to order something from both Sabores and Big Catch. If we can’t choose one over the other, we might as well make our own Mexican/Japanese combo.

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