Vietsub Express – Cheap Eats in Killarney

L and I spent about a week painting and moving our furniture into our new digs. As we were in between kitchens, we were at the mercy of nearby fast food outlets. One of my favourite food finds was Vietsub Express. Located next to the 7-Eleven on 37th Street, this hole in the wall offered food that was cheap, fast and filling.

I’ve sampled both the pork and chicken sub ($5.00). While the pork was tasty, I preferred the chicken as it was more substantial in size. A 10-inch crusty baguette (a tad too crusty) was filled with a long slender cubed cucumber, unsweetened carrots, jalapeños, cilantro and peanuts. Unlike some places, Vietsub makes sure to remove the jalapeños seeds and thinly slices it, so it adds just a bit of crunch and heat. Add a can of pop, and the combo costs $5.75.

I usually order the chicken or pork vermicelli with spring rolls ($7.75).  You can tell that Viet Sub doesn’t use the best cuts, but at these prices, what do you expect? The chicken comes in big juicy dark meat chunks. Our takeout container was filled with noodles, carrots, cucumbers, green onions and two crispy spring rolls. I really enjoy eating the spring rolls. Fried to a dark golden brown – the shell was crunchy and stuffed with a savoury filling. The portions were so big that for once in my life, I couldn’t finish my entree. Viet Sub gives you three sauces (hot, hoison and fish sauce). To date, I’ve only used the fish sauce.

Service on the phone and in person was pleasant and professional. I typically call ahead, and our order would be ready within 10 minutes. There are some seats to dine in, but I would recommend take-out. The restaurant is cheap, not cheerful. I also noted there are inexpensive party combos that seem worth checking out. 

Vietsub Express on Urbanspoon


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