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LDV Pizza Bar & Fiddler’s Courtyard- Bridgeland Eats

On a recent Saturday evening, we stopped by LDV lounge to celebrate our friend’s birthday. I like the set-up. The lighting was subdued and the cozy, spacious lounge was befitting for a night of noshing and quaffing. Throughout the night, our male server did an admirable job – he was always around if you needed another beverage and didn’t rush us out when his shift ended.

We weren’t hungry, so L and I shared the Salciccia ($15.00) pizza. However, if you have an appetite, you could definitely eat an entire pizza plus a salad. The crust was thin and crisp – the toppings consisted of a soft milky white layer of cheese, finely sliced red peppers and spicy, garlicky sausages. The pizza was enjoyable but the Argentinian wine ($9.00) was even better (Torrontes, Salta, 2010). Next time, I’ll order it by the bottle ($34.00).  The wine had fragrant floral notes with just a hint of sweetness. I thought for value – LDV offered more bang for your buck than Cibo. Add in the relaxed atmosphere and great wine prices, this was a place I’ll return to with my friends.

Before calling it a night, we made it over to Fiddler’s Courtyard. We arrived just when the festivities were in full gear for the Name that Song contest. We ordered a round of beers and still feeling peckish, I ordered the poutine ($9.00). The house cut fried reminded me a lot of New York style frites. The fries were thickly cut but remained crispy even though it was covered in rich, salty gravy and melted cheese. The food at neighbouring tables looked more than decent – we’ll drop by again for a bite to eat and as competitors at the next contest. 

LDV Pizza Bar on Urbanspoon

Fiddler's Courtyard on Urbanspoon


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