Song Han Vietnamese Restaurant– Hangover Remedy

Day 6 in Cowtown, and AY was still alive. Well, barely… After Friday, she was still breathing. I know AY loves girly cocktails. So, on Friday night, I made her a never-ending supply of raspberry martinis (equal amounts of Grey Goose and Elephant Island raspberry wine with a squirt of sparkling water). Well, let’s just say she liked them a bit too much and the following day, she wasn’t feeling so hot. I knew what AY needed to feel better – a steaming bowl of pho. This was just like our old college days when we went clubbing. Ah, the good old 90’s. When Notorious B.I.G. was still alive, P Diddy was known as Puff Daddy and Mace was better known as a rapper rather than a potent bear spray.

It was a particularly warm Saturday on the last week of September, so we thought to take advantage of the patio. Song Han has a nice set-up. The patio sits at a lower level than the street, so that it’s semi-private. Big umbrellas provide diners plenty of shade and blocks most of the curious gawks from lookie loos.

One thing you should know about the food at Song Han is that it will take time for the kitchen to prepare your meal. Personally, I don’t mind because it means the food is fresh.  AY ordered a small bowl of pho with steak ($7.00). The broth was clear and flavourful, topped with slivered onions and minced cilantro. The slices of beef were still pink in the middle and very tender. The noodles were cooked perfectly so that they still had a bit of a bounce to it.

I ordered my usual dish, spring rolls with vermicelli ($8.00). L ordered the sliced pork and spring roll vermicelli bowl ($10.00). The spring rolls were well-prepared, you could see the multi layers of the golden brown wrapper. I enjoyed hearing the crackle of the wrapper when I bit into the spring roll. I love ordering spring rolls on vermicelli because it’s like a crunchy salad. There was an abundance of noodles, sprouts, shards of lettuce and lots of shredded basil. L’s bowl contained spring rolls and a healthy portion of grilled pork, dotted sparingly with a spicy sauce. 

I managed to pay for this lone lunch. I pretended to use the washroom and instead, I went up to the counter. I’d recommend that you eat in rather than order take-out. Even though the staff does everything they can – such as cutting the corners of the take-out containers so the spring rolls don’t get soggy and separating the broth from the noodles, dining at Song Han ensures the food is fresh, crisp and hot. We must have eaten at Song Han at least 2 dozen times, and it seems like it just gets better and better. For $10.00, I can’t think of a better place to have a delicious dinner.

*My last visit made me think that perhaps Song Han has new owners? In any case, after a couple more visits, I’ll be updating my post to more accurately describe my experience at Song Han.*
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3 thoughts on “Song Han Vietnamese Restaurant– Hangover Remedy

      1. Lol it’s only my dad that fights with just about everyone else for the bill. One of my uncles is pretty cheap and never fights. I think my dad and I almost got into a physical fight one time b/c he was mad at me and wouldn’t let me pay. The whole restaurant was staring – that was so embarrassing.

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