UNA Pizza and Wine

I’ve read a lot of reviews about Una, but the long waits and no reservation policy had discouraged me from ever checking it out. However, with L out of town for business and AY in town for fun, I threw my reservations aside and took my chances. Luckily, upon arrival, we were able to snag a table immediately.

The moment we sat down, I realized AY fit right in. The customers at Una were energetically conversing; the music was playing at a high volume, and no one could hear AY’s excited bursts of speech. One thing you have to know about AY is that she’s one of the loudest people I know. The picture above is an actual photo of AY. AY was in heaven – she could be as boisterous as she desired. I was happy, no one was snickering at us. Life was good.

We ordered glasses of white wine (Shelley’s Block, Marsanne/Viognier). The wine was light and floral. I personally love fragrant white wines. AY and I were hungry, so we ordered 3 dishes: the Broxburn tomato salad, sautéed prawns and the mushroom pizza. The first to arrive was the Broxburn Farm tomato salad. Broxburn Farm is my favourite place to shop for vegetables (Kingsland’s Market).

The tomato salad was a decent size, enough for the two of us. The salad was simple, which allowed the quality of ingredients to shine. The Burrata cheese was cool and clean tasting, drizzled with olive oil and topped with crispy salami. There were beautiful wedges of skinless yellow tomatoes as well as smaller cherry red tomatoes. The cherry tomatoes tasted like candy, they were so sweet.

For a small appetizer, the sautéed prawn dish was surprisingly filling. Presented on a cutting board, we received five prawns in a red ceramic dish alongside with four pieces of crostini. The prawns were plump (by Calgary standards) and slightly sweet in a sauce of roasted tomatoes, garlic and lemon. As our server recommended, we used the bread to soak up every last bit of sauce. 

Next up was the mushroom pizza. Immediately, I noticed the pungent smell of the truffle oil. The roasted cremini mushrooms were nicely seasoned and went well with the smoked mozzarella. The shavings and arugula gave it some height.The arugula provided the pizza with a light freshness that I enjoyed, and helped to balanced out the richness of the flavours. I really liked the crust – it was airy and crispy. I liked how the crust pillowed out, and how the tops of the crust was baked to golden brown. I thought the pizza the worth the price ($20.00), and this is coming from someone who enjoys Safeway’s deli pizza.

Una was a fun spot, but I doubt I’ll bring L here. He won’t be able to handle the noise level and a restaurant bubbling with youth. I’ll just have to wait for AY to visit again, so we can sample more of Una’s food.

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