Borgo Trattoria: Amber Alert

We had a crazy night at Borgo. I had planned a girls’ night with AY, Julia and M. Julia called to cancel that morning because she was sick. I emailed and texted M, but I didn’t hear back from her. AY and I shared a few cocktails at my place before L drove us to Borgo for dinner. On the way over, I realized that I left my phone at home, but figured if M showed up, she would find us as we had reservations. As well, Borgo itself is a small restaurant, so we thought we’d have no problem spotting M. We arrived a few minutes before 6:30 and gave the host the name of our reservation.

Little did I know that M had come a bit early to surprise us with a lovely bottle of red wine. Somehow, M was sent to another table, even though she told the hostess the reservations were under my name. AY and I, unaware that M was sitting at the back of the restaurant, ordered a bottle of white wine – Anselmi San Vincenzo. For $40.00, our pick was a great value – it was light, crisp and fragrant. A much better deal than the $105.00 bottle M decanted for us across the room.

As we didn’t see M, we ordered our food. I just assumed she was busy at work and would call me the next day. The first appetizer was Arancino – crispy risotto balls with a cheese fonduta. The texture was lovely – Borgo really knows how to work texture with flavor. The balls were crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside, the fonduta was pillowy soft.

The next dish was the Trifolati – sautéed mushrooms with crostini. The mushrooms were silky smooth, bathed in a rich, creamy, pungent sauce and sprinkled with chives. One thing became clear to us– Borgo was no home-style Italian food, everything was sensational.  I remember thinking it was too bad M didn’t show up, as she is Italian and she would appreciate the food.

Next, we ordered the eggplant Melanzane – eggplant fries with a fennel lemon yoghurt dip. The frites were crunchy on the outside and light and warm on the inside. The fennel dip was a nice and light, but I much preferred using the leftover mushroom sauce for my fries.

The last dish was the Tagliatelle Borgonese – meat sauce with peas. The pasta was in gorgeous ribbons, tossed in a cheese, pea and meat sauce. The ingredients really stood out, you could just taste the quality.
While AY and I were in foodie heaven – M had now been sitting for a good 35 minutes alone, unsure if I’d stood her up or if I was abducted. M assumed the worst and called L to see if I was okay. L said he dropped us off at 6:25 about a block away from the restaurant.  She then proceeded to call Julia to tell her I’d been abducted.  Julia, with a massive head cold, jumped into her truck to look for me. By this time, M had left the restaurant to return home with her rebottled wine and an Arby’s burger. For the record, the wine did not pair well with her burger. She called the restaurant and asked them to look for two Asian women. Good thing I wasn’t in Vancouver, or the poor manager would have to ask every table. While I was speaking on the phone to a very frantic M, AY picked up the bill (earlier I had made her promise I would take care of dinner). So while I was calming M, I was swatting AY’s credit card away. AY has reflexes like a cat. I didn’t stand a chance.

The funny thing is that M never saw us walking in – I suppose she had her head in the wine menu or was checking her phone. I went to the washroom early on – and I never saw her sitting alone. My eyesight is quite poor (another stereotype that applies to me), so I didn’t see her. M never saw us when she walked out – she gets shy when she’s alone in public, and never thought to do a once around the room. Lesson learned – I’ll never leave my phone at home or assume M would ditch me. We plan to do another girls’ night at Borgo. This time, we plan arrive together and to stay together. The food was so delicious, Borgo deserves its own series. Stay tuned for the Borgo trilogy. The service, particularly the manager, was impeccable. Let’s just hope the third time’s the charm.





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