Brassiere Kensington – Brunch and Burgers

AY was in town visiting me for a week from Vancouver. We’ve been best friends since high school, and even back then, we’d been hitting the restaurants. However, our taste (and budget) mostly led us to Samurai Sushi on Cambie, Stepho’s on Davie or the good old White Spot in Kerrisdale. Well over a decade later, Tweedledee and Tweedledum were at it again, but this time, in Cowtown.

We were shopping in Kensington and decided to check out Brassiere Kensington for brunch. The bistro was small and cozy, warm with natural light streaming in through the front windows. As luck would have it, we came on a busy day, the last day for Travelzoo vouchers. We were a little annoyed because all the tables were reserved for the coupon customers, many of whom never showed up during our visit.

The staff worked frantically to keep up with the crowd, and even though everyone (except us) were using coupons, service was attentive and friendly. The bar turned out to be a fun spot, the bartenders chatted with us and we were able to watch some cool cocktail concoctions. For wines by the glass, our server offered several options for white and red. I ordered a glass of wine (Grenache Blanc Domaine Presidente) while AY ordered a Pimms Cup.

I ordered the Driview Farm lamb burger with frites. The burger was sensational. The bun was grilled but still soft, the perfect medium to hold together the juicy patty, leafy greens and tomatoes. With each bite, you could taste the pop of the grainy mustard, the richness of the melted brie and a hit of mint. The duck fried frites were well worth the calories. Dunked in the arugula aioli, these were some damn fine frites.

AY ordered the salmon with soft poached eggs.This dish was good, but not as good as the lamb burger. The eggs were cooked to a perfect yolky softness. The generous pieces of smoked salmon were of high quality and served at the right temperature –cool on the tongue. I loved the addition of fried capers and the battered onion strings. The fried potatoes were overcooked and overloaded with salt, while the toast was a bit tasteless.  Other than those minor quibbles, it was a good dish.

I can’t speak of value for brunch at Brassiere – AY treated me even though she was my guest. I do know that I’ll be back with L. I plan to order the lamb burger again, perhaps this time with poutine. Go big or go home!

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