Borgo Trattoria – Brunch on 17th Ave

Last month, I won Borgo’s brainteaser contest on Facebook. The prize? A complimentary brunch for two! So, on a sunny September morning, L and I strolled over to claim our reward. The patio was an urban oasis. Sitting on the patio was peaceful, as it was sheltered by trees on the streets, and the adjacent park served to blocked out heavy on-coming 17th Ave traffic. Soaking up the last of the summer sun, I was in heaven. For beverages, I ordered a glass of pinot grigio (it was after noon, in Toronto that is…) while L ordered an Americano.

Our server recommended the Purgatorio – 2 baked eggs with tomato sauce, pancetta and grilled, buttery focaccia. I was pleased with her recommendation. The eggs were soft and yolky, sitting in a pool of zesty tomato sauce. I loved the process of spooning a bit of the egg and tomato sauce on top of the focaccia with a crumble of pancetta, but eating it in one bite was even better. The salad was piled sky high with assorted lettuces. Though unadorned, the salad was refreshing with its citrusy dressing and heavy dusting of cheese.

I was also impressed with L’s chosen dish, the Strapazzati – eggs scrambled with threads of zucchini. The eggs were soft and light. I would also order this dish in a heartbeat. Honestly, I have no idea how the chef can make something so simple taste so good. Grilled focaccia and sliced smoked chicken rounded out this substantial meal.

Throughout our brunch, I observed there was a gentleman making the rounds with customers. He came over to us at the end of our meal to say hello, brushing some crumbs off the table. We also noticed that earlier, a female guest came in and requested a patio table. As it was full, she settled for a table inside the restaurant. On our way out, we saw him gently tap her on the shoulder to inform her that a patio table was available. It’s this level of customer service that separates a real host to someone who just goes through the motions.

If Borgo can make brunch this decadent, I’m interested to see what they can do for dinner. Next week, my friend from Vancouver is coming to Calgary. Stay tuned for part two of the Borgo saga. 

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