Big Catch – Sushi Art

On my most recent visit, Big Catch was giving out free samples of a seaweed salad and a new roll, the Passion Sunrise. Normally, I don’t bother with samples. Too often, it’s a chintzy, high calorie, dried-out portion of something Costco is desperately trying to sell. Well, this isn’t the case at Big Catch. The Passion Sunrise turned out to be my pleasant surprise. The roll was freshly made (all orders are made to order), with crab, avocado, salmon, green onions, and a secret sauce. The second freebie was a sample of the seaweed salad with yuzu wasabi sauce. The seasoned seaweed was mixed with threads of cucumber and daikon. It was delicate, crunchy, and slightly sweet.









Big Catch may not be a full service restaurant, but in terms of taste and presentation, the sushi was on par with my favourite Japanese joints in Calgary. Big Catch has sushi down to an art. Literally. The rolls were beautifully presented, garnishes include pickled carrots and radishes carved into flowers, and wasabi shaped like a button.

I should also mention that Big Catch offers low sodium soy sauce. I’ve been trying to cut down on my sodium intake because my bulging belly has been receiving curious glances from our friends and family. For the record, I’m bloated, not pregnant. However, now that I’ve tried low sodium soy sauce, I have to say that I prefer regular soy sauce as it has more of a kick to it.









I really enjoyed the Rodeo Rider specialty roll. The roll has plenty of fresh tuna and salmon, mixed in with little tempura pieces. Crispy garlic chips, green onions and sesame seeds were sprinkled on top of the roll. With a dab of the special sauce, there was no need for soy sauce.











We also tried the maki combo meal, which consisted of a Dynamite roll, a California roll and a Spicy Tuna roll. I noticed that Big Catch was generous with the amount of fish in the rolls. For example, the Spicy Tuna roll contained a nice thick piece of tuna.The Spicy Tuna roll was actually more sweet than spicy. I think the next time, I’ll ask for just a regular tuna roll. The tuna was so fresh, it didn’t need anything but a dab of wasabi and a splash of high sodium soy sauce.











I don’t usually enjoy California rolls, but Big Catch’s version was very nice, the crab was fluffy with just a hint of sweetness. L’s favourite was the Dynamite Roll, which contained a slice of avocado, cucumber matchsticks, a smear of tiny, bright orange tobiko, and a sweet, still warm tempura prawn. L and I both loved the rice in the rolls. Each grain was perfectly formed. You could tell just by taking a whiff of the rice that it has the perfect balance of vinegar and sugar. The nori was good too, it wasn’t chewy at all.

If samples and sushi art aren’t enough to lure you in, Big Catch’s customer loyalty card may tempt you. For every 12 stamps, you get a free roll. I just wished I lived closer to get the catch of the day.

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