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Brewesters-Beer Revolution – A Patio and a Pizza

On Sunday night, L and I had just finished dinner service at a local shelter. After making 73 lunches and washing dishes for over 80 guests, we didn’t feel like cooking dinner.  Instead, I decided to treat him to pizza and beer at Brewsters. Or is it called Beer Revolution? I’m not sure because the restaurant signage says Beer Revolution, but the menu states it’s a Brewsters restaurant. Henceforth, I’ll call it Brewesters-Beer Revolution.

We sat outside on the brick wall patio. The patio overlooked the concrete parking lot, but the walls were tall enough to block out the cars. With the music rocking and the cool breeze blowing over us, it was pleasant way to spend a summer’s night. When we arrived, there were only a few tables free. I strategically picked the table by a group of older adults. I assumed that it would assure us a more tranquil night than if we sat by some whippersnappers. Well, looks can be deceiving. These old foggies were letting loose, and their drunken banter was loud enough to give me a headache. Karma sure is a b$#@! It isn’t fun being on the receiving end.

To soothe my fragile nerves, I ordered the Fruit Hog beer. This beer was so good, I’d gladly return to Brewsters-Beer Revolution just for a glass. Cold, juicy and refreshing, I could drink Fruit Hog all night. It had just a hint of watermelon with just the right amount sweetness. I also tried L’s pick, the Wild West Wheat Ale. I found it bright, clean and bubbly – similar to Grasshopper.

We weren’t very hungry, so we decided to share Brewsters special pizza. The crust was light and crisp, loaded with meats: pepperoni, salami, and spicy Italian sauce. I thought the meats tasted dry, like they were overcooked. I liked how the red onions and green peppers still had a slight crunch to them, and that the cherry tomatoes tasted fresh. Though the menu stated the special pizza came with mushrooms, they were absent in the finished product.  The pizza made for good bar food, but it wasn’t anything special. I’d return again, more for the beer than the pizza. 
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