Awesome Burger – The Name Says it All

This week, I received an email that changed my life. Well, perhaps I’m being overly dramatic, but hearing from Awesome Burger, a new outdoor venue outside the Kingsland Farmers’ Market made my day. I received a free coupon to try any of their burgers in exchange for a fair review on Urbanspoon. It sounded fair enough to me – I told the PR people at Kingsland that if I disliked the burger then I wouldn’t review Awesome Burger on my blog. Luckily, that never happened.

One thing I like about Kingsland Market compared to the Granville Island Market in Vancouver is that at Kingsland, much of the produce and meat are locally grown. I found that at Granville Island Market, most of the larger produce stalls sold imported fruits and vegetables, which I think defeats my whole purpose of shopping in a farmers’ market.  Also, at Kingsland Market, I like bumping into the business owners that I met from my Tootle Excursions with Karen Anderson (Calgary Food Tours Inc.).

So, on Saturday afternoon, L and I moseyed over to the Kingsland Farmers Market to pick up some groceries. At 11:00am, I wasn’t very hungry, but the smell coming from the Awesome Burger kiosk was enough to make my mouth water. Owned and operated by Kingsland Market, I loved the concept behind the burger stall. All the ingredients from Awesome Burger come from the market vendors. For example – the cheese bun is from Rustic Sourdough Bakery and the meats are from Hoven Farms. Hoven Farms prepares the patties for Awesome Burger the night before – and then Awesome Burger cooks the burgers right in front of you. 

I ordered the Awesome Burger, which consisted of an 8-ounce prime rib and sirloin patty, a slice of Canadian bacon, arugula, grilled onions, cheddar cheese, pickle slices, tomatoes, and the sweetest red peppers. While we waited for the burger to cook, L and I sat on a bench in the parking lot. Compared to the hustle and bustle of the market – the parking lot was much more peaceful. It was nice just to sit outside under the sun, watch the other vegetable stands in action, all the while listening to the rock tunes playing from Awesome Burger’s kiosk.

The verdict? Awesome Burger lives up to its name. Covered in melted cheddar cheese, it was a large, lean, densely packed patty that tasted of high quality meat.  Don’t get me wrong now – the patty was nicely seasoned and moist, but a burger is not just about the meat. What really made this burger memorable was the addition of the produce. The vegetables were so sweet and fresh – I could have just eaten the bun and vegetables on its own. Of course, Alberta beef makes everything better, and this was no exception. With the combination of the meat and vegetables – it was a marriage made in flavor heaven. Till we meet again Awesome Burger – next time I’ll be more than happy to be a paying customer.

Awesome Burger on Urbanspoon


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